We came to Markham 2000 Decorating Centre to choose paint for our newly renovated dining room. We were also looking to buy drapery. We came in with the exact measurements for our dining room window. We also took photos of the window and showed them to Alisicia. We chose the fabric and type of curtain with Alisicia, and trusted that she would order the right amount of material for the window size we provided her. We also ordered the hardware from this store. When charged for the curtains, I was shocked at the price, but trusted that I was going to receive fine curtains for my new dining room. To our disappointment, the curtains arrived, and when they tried to install them in the dining room, they were far too wide; as a solution, we had to order additional hardware to mount the curtains; but there was so much excess fabric ordered for such a small window. Her solution? "We will cut it for you and make you cushions or pillows for your room." Seriously? I had just paid $1000 for curtains that she had ordered. I would not recommend this store for home decorating. I would have liked Alisicia to reduce the price because she charged me for extra material which our window did not require. I would have also liked Markham 2000 to correct the mistake that they made. We were somewhat satisfied with the paint color; however, given the huge mistake they made on our curtains, and their inflexibility in adjusting the price to make it right, I would caution you from purchasing anything from this store. Really disappointed .....

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