If you are thinking about hiring this company, please think twice, or wait for my next review when the work is finally done. So far it's been nothing but terrible issues: 1. communication is bad! 2. No drop cloths being used despite reassurance they would be 3 times from 3 different people including once the morning the work was starting (our furniture is ruined, and they are not prepared to do anything about it). 3. Communication issues ( I cannot stress this enough- they are terrible!!) 4. Leaving a week into a $20K job, advising they will be back a month later to complete the work they promised we would have completed in mid-November - they want to come back Dec 12th for a job that is only half done! I will write a full detailed review (including any positives that may come out of this by the end, and I sooo hope there are some) but so far, other than the wonderful initial consult/quote we had on day 1, it's been nothing but horrible issues since the day I paid the deposit back in Sept 2016.

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