Switched from previous company because monitoring company was not flexible and service was very expensive. The owner of Victoria Alarms installed a new smoke detector (monitored) and a new pad at an amazing price. The monitoring costs are very reasonable and meet our needs. Great service!

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When my installer switched to API from our original monitoring company we had problems from the start. When we accidentally triggered the intruder alarm and then disarmed we never got a call. I called them and they will not call if the intruder alarm is cancelled by the owner. I explained that if there was an intruder alarm at night l would first disable the alarm/siren so I could investigate. They are not set up to do this. Instead they started calling us when the had an indication of an opening. I could not resolve situation, they seemed to be somewhat dense. I moved to another company that ensures each customers needs are met.

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Company Response

Hi Kevin,
What you are referring to is a cancel call - this can be done however this is something that must be setup via your installing company and has to do with how the system is programmed and reports the the monitoring station. I suggest talking to your alarm company about what they can do to help you out in this situation.