ĎI hired right away movers to move me to the new house which is 15 minutes from where I lived at the time. I lived in a small 3 bedroom semi detached house. We had already moved alot of bigger outside items like snowblower, lawnmowers, large tool boxes and all the tools from the shed out back to the new house. We also had filled a 5 x 10 storage unit with all our Christmas and Halloween decorations as well as large bins of things we wouldn't need right away. So alot of storage things typically found in homes. The rest of the belongings were perfectly packed and we even had already filled 3 cars with clothes and personal items. We hired the company to take the furniture and approximately 60 boxes out of the house. Also a patio set and bbq. Also to mention no appliances were being moved as well. I was quoted $139 an hour for 3 men and the truck. They would be here Oct 30 2106 at 930 am. At 830am I get a call saying only 2 men and that 1 didn't show up and the truck is on the way. I am not happy but figure I can't do anything so I will just be happy I have movers. This is the first time we hired movers because my husband and I physically just couldn't handle a move. So at 950 am (late) the 2 men show up and the first thing they say to my husband is " so we only have 2 guys can you help?" Then they ask for gas money to put into the truck before they do anything. Of coarse we are confused, your asking me to help when we hired you and now you want gas money.....seems unprofessional. Then they proceed to tell my husband that it will take at least 13 hours to move us.....they haven't even left their truck. So how do they figure 13 hours when they haven't even been inside!!!! Keep in mind all we already moved to storage and to the new house on our own!!! Now I call the company and talk to a man about the asking for gas money, wanting my husband and son to help and now 13 hours to move and they haven't even left their truck! The man I am speaking with becomes angry and starts yelling at me that I need to give them gas money and that I pay or they leave!!! I can't belive what I am hearing. This man is so rude, disrespectful and is now trying to extort us for a ridiculous amount of money. He is now saying we pay $2100 up front or they leave. He doesnt care, pay now or i take the truck away! His exact words. So his original quote of $139 an hour for 3 men is the same price an hour for 2 men and they want my husband and son to help! Are you kidding me! We have to be out of our house by 5 pm and we haven't asked friends or family to help because we HIRED movers!!! The stress at this point is debilitating, we are tired and exhausted and this company knows we are in a bad situation so the owner feels he can manipulate, threaten and try to extort us out of money because we are standing out there with no other option. Once I am off the phone with the owner and now talking to my husband about what just happened the 2 guys in the truck say to us they need $2100 now. We try to talk to them about this and before we realize what's going on the 2 movers leave. Leave us stranded! When will this stop! How do we hold right away movers accountable for despicable business practice. For taking advantage of people by using threats! This will not end untill someone steps up and puts these businesses like RIGHT AWAY MOVERS OUT OF BUSINESS AND OFF THE ROADS AND OUT OF PEOPLE'S HOMES WHERE THEY CAUSE DISTRESS AND MAKE THE ALREADY STRESSFUL EXHAUSTING PROCESS OF MOVING A NIGHTMARE!

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