First Review


I was really excited to have Tyler and his crew come to replace my soffit and fascia, and the deck and supports of my back porch. They showed up as originally requested on November 1, 2019 to get the information they needed to quote my job. I got the quote within the week, and accepted it, with the idea they would do the job first thing in the Spring. I heard back from Tyler near the beginning of March. The job started April 1, 2020 and was finished by the 4th. The 3 in the crew were polite and professional; however, there was some excitement on the Saturday. The crew was ready to re-hang the eaves trough when I heard a bang. They had dropped my eaves trough. One of the crew had had a meltdown. Apparently, the crew member on the back porch had not been doing his job of making sure the eaves matched up to the down spout. The crew member in the middle blew up, and dropped my eaves trough. He then got off the ladder, and smacked it against the front porch eaves trough, damaging it. The damage wasn’t discovered until after the bill was paid, due to not leaving the house because of COVID19. When discovered I informed Tyler, and he suggested he would come to do the repairs when the economy opened up again. The economy is open, and it is more than 3 months later and I haven’t heard from him. I had to engage someone else to fix the eaves trough and other mistakes Tyler and his crew made. One of the back posts is not sitting properly in its bracket because they placed the bracket incorrectly in the cement, This has to stay as is. The washers were left off the bolts on the steps, Part of the railing was not attached properly, and when leaned on came completely apart. The posts at the bottom of the stairs are uneven—one is in the air, and the other is sitting in the dirt, awaiting the opportunity to rot. They left a gap in the roof overhang. They left a handprint of wood preservative on the inside of the roof overhang. They left debris in the yard for me to clean up. When I pointed out the eaves trough, as the other deficiencies hadn’t been noticed yet, Tyler suggested he had done beyond the quote, and I shouldn’t be asking for assistance with the eaves trough. They made repairs to the damage they did in tear down, where I provided the paint, roller, paint brush and roof repair. I helped to reattach the clothes line and painted the trim. The only thing they did outside of the quote, or as a result of the damage done, was to attach a piece of trim to the front of my garage. That was about 15 minutes work and 6 screws!

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