This company has billed credit card 2 times, one for 582.75 on December 14th, and one for 298.20 on December 22nd. The first time they did not give me a receipt, but after many phone calls emailed me an invoice for $210 on December 22nd and told me that was the amount that had been charged to my credit card on Dec. 14th. At that time they told me I would have to pay again for the trapping program as they had made a mistake and not charged me for it or signed me up for it, so they billed me an additional $298.20 for the trapping program. In addition, they have done a lot of damage to my home, broken the attic door, which was supposed to be replaced last week but the technician who they had scheduled to come and replace it last week had no knowledge of this and no replacement door when he arrived. In addition, he did an inspection of the screening work that was done in December he said it was not done correctly and this should be fixed at no cost to me. It took this company two weeks after I initially contacted them to come out and do any repairs, in which time the rats moved from my attic into the basement and ate through walls, floors, doors, carpet and underlay, and the back of my fridge. In the 3 weeks since that time, the rats are still coming into my house through and around the screening that was installed incorrectly, and have now pooped, peed and chewed every room in my house, one even ran across my daughter's arm while she was playing. This company also has refused to provide the trapping services, which I have now paid for twice. Initially they said it was because I had not signed up or paid for the trapping program, which their technician charged me for on December 14th. Since they charged me for it again on December 22nd, they have not provided me with any weekly appointments to do trapping until I phoned them, usually twice every week, to follow up and ask why they were not scheduling any follow up appointments. Every time I phone this company their customer service reps also tell me I have not paid for the trapping program and have a $500 balance outstanding for screening services, which I have already paid for twice now. At this point I would like this company to fix the damage they have done to my house and refund all of my money. I have been phoning them twice a week since December 14th to follow up on this and they have not resolved the issues or refunded my money. Now they tell me no one will be available to even discuss this with me until next week because they are away at a conference.

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