I originally had someone else come in and quote the work. While the cost was OK, it seemed the other company expected me to source out different contractors for different parts of the work. I am busy and have no time for that! So I googled, found Peg and spoke to Michelle. She got someone to my condo to view and quote within a couple of hours! Allan came by quickly, took pictures and advised that they can do everything. Yes, less hassle! He did say Michelle will contact me with the quote the next day. True to her word, Michelle responded with the quote. I am a bit difficult so I responded with a 15 point email advising of changes. She did not get frustrated but instead, answered each of the 15 points (either modifying the quote, clarifying the work or matching a price). PLUS she gave me an itemized list of when each of the work will be done and how much will be charged on each day. Michelle basically made it too easy for me that I was typing "YES!" before I could think. On the days of the work, Showan, Jake, Nike, Yuri and the plumber (forgot his name, but he was awesome too!) showed up, cheerful, happy to be there, polite, cleaned up, always on time and generally are so pleasurable that even the people in my building noticed. Despite the fact that I live in a condo that has strict noise restrictions and has ZERO SPACE (it was so tight, there was barely room to move), they did a quality job on time and under budget. I really don't know how they did it. My big concern was the countertop as I was told "you have to go to someone else to do the custom countertop due to my kitchen being on a diagonal," but instead Michelle managed Janovski countertops for me and George himself came by and measured, then Ed came to install it. When it initially didn't fit, Ed simply made a joke, promised to be back and indeed, a few days later, he came back with the countertop adjusted to fit. I know this is for Peg, but Janovski was awesome to deal with too! Finally, everytime I tell people I'm doing some reno work in my condo, the look on their face said "Good luck chasing down a contractor that does it fast and under budget"! but I told them that Michelle was the secret weapon. I would call and she would have everything sorted out. I swear, they were faster than even I could comprehend. In short, I find myself 30 days after the first contact and ALL THE WORK is done. No hassle. Thank you, Michelle and Peg crew! Y'all are awesome!

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Company Response

Hi Ingrid,
Thank you for this delightful review! And thank you for the beautiful photos of your kitchen & bathroom. We will put them up on our website as soon as we can. Michelle & the PEG team absolutely enjoyed working with you & hope to do so again in the future. Enjoy your kitchen!

PEG Customer Care Team