There is no other way to go about it rather than just having environmental pest control being your preferred service providers for any pest control needs. We moved into a new home and 6 days later found mouse dropping in a corner of the unfinished basement which almost left us horrified that we have made a wrong decision to get this house. I did some research to get pest control done for the mice and ended up calling a few people including Environmental Pest control. From the second I spoke to Alana I was kind of at ease that I have come to the right place. She was kind, patient and knowledgeable. she answered all of my questions not like a sales person so I buy their service, but more like a helpful resource. I was scheduled for a date and received a proper email notification and follow up call before the appointment. The Tech( Dave)showed up right on time and he was great and he took all the efforts in clearing up my queries and did a detailed inspection of the home to find the entry point for mice. He explained how there was nothing wrong with the house or the cleanliness it just a 2 second window it takes while the garage is open and you open the door to garage and a mice can get in once in the make their kingdom by making hwy in the insulation through the drains and wire right to the attic. He placed bait station on strategical points and sealed a big hole near the AC gas pipes going to the basement that was probably the gateway for mice to come in. He gave me detailed analysis of how to find the signs and monitor the activity. With six months guarantee and periodic follow ups our mind is finally at peace that we will not have an army of mice flourishing in the walls and attic and destroy our home. Thanks Environmental pest Control. I surely will recommend them to all of my friends and family.

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