I met Bernd (B & B Masonry) this year while he was at one of my job sites, dealing with one of my sub trades. I am a 35 year contractor, with over 100 houses and commercial projects completed. I know average work, and I know good work. Bernd is the best mason that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. (and I have known many over the years) Our first project together was a wine cellar. It was quite complicated with many corners, cabinets, and glass walls to contend with. We talked about what I wanted, and what he suggested, then he went to work. It became obvious, that he didn't need any assistance or direction from me, but he still gave me the courtesy of daily comments and suggestions. Bernd created the perfect "vintage, stone, wine cellar". Our next project was stone facing on the side and front of one of my houses in the British Properties. They were very difficult stones to work with, and I actually had one mason decline the job, because of the difficulty. It is not an exaggeration to say that he cut and chiselled more than 90% of the stones on two or three sides because they were not perfect for what he wanted. It is the best stone work that I have ever had on one of my houses in all my years in the business. We have had customers, tradesmen, contractors, and other masons come by to look at it. Bernd is that good. Besides being the best mason I've ever met, Bernd (and his assistant, Danny) both have good work ethic. They keep their work area organized and clean. They worked well with my owners, with me, and with the other trades on my job site. (not always an easy thing) Tim Gregg Sharbo Construction

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WOW! That's quite the review Tim and very much appreciated. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you in creating the work that you were so detailed in describing. And you would know how much detail means to me :). All of our work is important to us and so are our customers. We don't play favourites and treat everyone equal and with the same attention for detail. Still, once in a while an unusual project comes our way, one that has that added degree of difficulty, such as this one. And I love a challenge and I believe that I met it head on! Everyone is happy with the outcome, including and foremost, the owners. Thank you! I consider this a real feather in my cap. Looking forward to the next project.
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