Despite repeated assurances that service would be provided, 3 snowfalls have not been cleared in December 2017. I sent polite reminders, was assured service would be provided, and it was not - consistently. I realize the crews were not likely working Christmas Eve but I was told that my property would receive service on Christmas Day. It is 8 pm , my family has just left, and I shoveled the front walk and steps myself. The worst part about this service is that it is pre-paid, and there is no recourse. I'm likely going to stop payment on a Jan cheque but am out $450 - and have had one "shovel". Very disappointing, would not recommend.

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The electrical panel in my 100-year old Roncesvalles home was unsafe (the dryer fuse had finally given up) and had needed updating for some time. I didn't expect service to be so timely, cost-effective and professional, given how busy this time of year was. Jose was not only responsive, but Angelo's work masterful. The required permit was obtained immediately, the inspector visited promptly, and within the space of one long day (the work was complicated by some external deficiencies as well), electricity was restored. Not only is the dryer working again (thankfully) but this long overdue work was done to the highest specifications.

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