I've moved about 8 times in the last the 10 years and always used bulky cardboard boxes that were expensive and not always easy to use. After seeing another person using Good Boxes (walking by the boxes on the street) I thought "...that would be what I use next time I move!" We went with the second largest package which was recommended for the size of condo we had and a wardrobe for bulky coats and some suits. It was perfect! Packing these boxes was super easy and they just stack so perfectly on top of one another. I've never worried so little about my glass items because of the hard, durable material they're made of. Also, they're very easy to label with a dry erase marker. When our movers came they easily slipped the dolly under each stack and loaded the boxes very quickly (this 100% saved us money on the time it took them to move our things). Richard from Good Boxes was also a pleasure to deal with. Very friendly and accommodating! I have already recommended Good Boxes to many friends and would use them again (although hoping to stay put for a few years now!). I've never been so con

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