I was directed to this company by Homepro. Scott returned my call and had the work done within a week. I had a tight timeline since there were only a few days to do the work before my move in date. Ton and his team arrived on time and finished on time. I mentioned to Ton that I was concerned about the existing ripples left by the last sanding. When the team was finished, there were no ripples anymore and the colour was just as I had hoped. I had to ask Scott if they had really used a big drum sander, it looked like it was all done with the smaller hand machines. Ton had done such a good job removing the quarter round and then re-attaching it, I didn't think he had removed it and didn't pay for that part of the job. Scott called me back, and asked me to look more closely - Ton had carefully caulked it along the top and when I got down on the floor to look more closely, I discovered that the quarter round had indeed been removed as I requested. I couldn't tell visually - I had to feel the fresh caulking with my fingernail. I gladly paid the amount due for a job well done.

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Company Response

Thank-you Valerie for this most flattering and honest review.You are a great customer to have done work for.