I had high hopes for my EMPIRE home. All in all the house is decently built. But finishing touches were messy or missing altogether (caulking left in the sink, caulking missing behind the sink, missing closet shelves, missing drain spouts, key for the garage door doesn't match the lock, outlets that don't work, etc.) After a lot of phone calls and chasing them around these issues got resolved. Except the garage door and outlet not working. I can be patient on a lot of things but when I pay for a house that I worked my butt off for, at the very least I expect good customer service. And Empire's customer service is HORRIBLE! They give the same bs responses thinking that I would be stupid enough to be appeased. There is never a straight answer. When contractors do show up there is never any notice. They literally rang my doorbell at 6am. When the notice did get taped to my door it was AFTER the work was done. After getting the run around about my sod, they laid it down during the hottest week of the year. Of course the grass never took despite diligent daily watering. (Pics included). The only things growing are the weeds. Then the people Empire hired to put up the fence posts tore up what decent grass we have with their machines. It would to cost me $1000 to have the lawn done professionally. The deck they built is made with splintered unsafe wood. It's crooked and looks like a blind 3 year old built it. I am embarrassed to have anyone come over because the exterior of my home looks DISGUSTING. I cannot believe Mike Holmes shackled his name to this builder. Had I bought at one of the more expensive developments then maybe Empire would give a damn about my home. God help us who already bought homes from these people. For those of you who are thinking about it, run far and run fast.

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