Unknown to us, we purchased our home with an existing bat problem 9 years ago. We own a fieldstone home with a gazzillion possible places for bats to enter. Benjamin found their entry point and sealed the home extensively and professionally. He is meticulous! We are extremely pleased with the results and feel comfortable having overnight guests now. Thank you, Benjamin!

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Company Response

Denise is being too kind here. The truth is that we had to return some weeks after bat-proofing the home because another bat got in. It took us another six hours of inspections touch ups and additional work before we found the problem (but we found it). I only admit this because I wish to stress that despite 26 years experience even I can miss things.
So I was astonished that Denise has given me such a nice review under the circumstances. However, I believe her to be a super smart lady who understands that the true measure of any contractor (or person) is not whether we are perfect (none of us are) or whether we make mistakes (we all do sometimes) but whether we fix our mistakes and stand by our promises. I did and she rewarded me.
Thank you Denise, I am truly humbled.