Henry did an excellent job installing new doors in our home renovation project. He even re-made an entire door to match the other doors. He built-out all the trim, baseboards, shelving units, etc.. and then we had him add crown moulding throughout the house as we were very happy with his work. He was also able to transition in the new areas of the home with the old, and match up the old trim. He also took over the drywall skimming project, as my other contractor was very unreliable. Henry always showed up on time, and if he was delayed, he would let us know in advance. Henry did such a great job that when we built our retail location, we also used him to put up the walls/drywall work, trim, etc... and he did an excellent job again. Now I have him back at the house doing some more work for us. He specializes on the doors, but does a great job at many different projects.

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