I had renovation done about a year ago. The contractor who was supposed to be a master electrician got his finial payment and left switches not working, outlets not covered or connect to walls just a mess (Castleano Construction) if anyone wants to know. Never the less I wanted to get these corrected and this is where vince came in the the picture. I reached out to him to fix the outlets and switches ect. He showed up when he said an fixed everything.... great we are happy so we now ask vince while he is here that we would like to add a few pots lights in the bathroom. He than tells me after looking that they are not to code and need to replace all of them. I ask him what he thinks I should do, he tells me he is concerned about the safety of my children and I should replace them. I would have done the work anyway but the fact that the the first concern of his was the safety of my family showed me that he was the real deal. I will not have anyone else regardless of the size of the Job do any electrical work on my house vince has the right of first refusal. No matter what you need done Call Vince or Call me and I will tell you to call Vince. Great work and greater guy.

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