I read the reviews online and they seemed good so I gave them a call. I talked to Vanessa and asked if she would be able to get rid of some carpenters in my home for me. There was a pause and then I said ants. She told me the initial cost and sent Steve out to the house within an hour to have a look. I had already removed the drywall and did some investigation. Steve came and had a look, asked my wife and I a lot of questions and explained all the products and options we had before starting any work. He spent about 2 hours pulling the insulation and vapour barrier down sprayed the big colony bagged everything and cleaned the room for us. We had another area with flying ants that he took care of with a different method and told us to keep them posted of any activity. Very friendly service and I like to support our local community. To anyone with an pest problem, when you see a few that is just the tip of the iceberg. If you are capable to pull down the drywal it's worth it to get access to the nest.

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Company Response

Targeting the nest directly is a very important step in getting rid of the issue. Although not always possible, we use various methods to ensure their food source (poison) gets back to the nest to eliminate the entire colony if it cannot be treated directly. Water damage can be far greater than we ever think and with that comes the unknown to the extent of the damage Carpenter Ants can make. Where there's 1 there's more! Thank you for choosing OxiSix to assist you in getting rid of the problem. We appreciate the business!