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Don't hire this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His work is not as professional as he says. We hired him to do the backsplash in the kitchen and a surround bathroom tile installation. The work that he did was the ugliest and the crappiest I have ever seen. The tiles were crooked, the grout was uneven and bumpy. When I told him that the tile was not leveled he gave several excuses: "It’s not the tile. It’s your eyes playing an illusion because of the tile you used" and “Your wall must not be straight”. The bathroom was supposed to have an accent tile and half of the tiles were sunken and half were sticking out. The space between tiles wasn't equal and it looked like they had been cut to different sizes because of this. He didn’t use the correct spacers because he couldn’t find them and instead used a folded piece of paper! Because of his shoddy work we lost our clients!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never ever hire him or pay for his work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a waste of time and money!!

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