Grime Patrol came in got the job done in record time. Pleased with the results!

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Company Response

Thanks Kelly!! The floors turned out great!!!


I had numerous run ins with these people - just trying to get what I paid for! Horrendous people to deal with!! Do NOT shop at York Taps! I purchased a vanity, a marble backsplash - which I was talked into buying, a shower faucet kit and a stand alone tub faucet kit. The shower's handheld device was flawed so I was told on the phone to send it back & they would send me a replacement- the replacement never came! They promised - at the time of purchase - chrome handles for my vanity ... Everything in my bathroom is chrome. The legs on the vanity are Chrome anyway and they show the vanity in the showroom as having Chrome knobs so why would I think that I would have to worry about whether or not I get chrome knobs(?) but they weren't - they were brushed nickel. They tried to give me 7 new knobs & 4 used ones when my daughter tried to return them for me - she told the owner/ manager that I needed all new knobs for my new vanity & he laughed at her - what kind of behaviour is that? In the end they said they would send the new ones to me but they also said they would send me the replacement for my handheld shower device. They also sent with my daughter the wrong replacement handheld device. The owner/manager yelled at my daughter & so did the sales rep. It should NOT be so difficult to get what you paid for from them!!! ... That's all any good paying customer wants ... What they were promised & what they paid for! I strongly advise anyone against purchasing from this place!

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