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Had him do a bathroom reno. The worst tiling job I have ever seen. He see's the crooked and uneven tiling throughout and he says he can fix it for another $800. If you know something is wrong, how can you charge to fix your own mistake??? In the contract he said he would get an electrician to do all the electrical but he ends up doing it himself and has no clue what he's doing. He installed potlights that aren't ic rated and moved all the insulation away so now there's no insulation on top of my shower. I had to pay someone else to get that fixed because he wouldn't do it. Installing non ic rated pot lights in an attic is very dangerous and can cause fires. He constantly begs for money asking for it in advance saying he is getting evicted from his house trying to make you feel sorry and very uncomfortable. He starts out very professional but gets really sloppy as the job goes on. He would rest all his tools on top of my toilet seat, scratched it all up and asked me to get a new one and he would pay me but he never did. I spoke with 2 other people who had work done by him afterwards and it's the exact same story. Feel free to contact me and I can show you his sloppy workmanship. I've been trying to call him to pay for the toilet seat which cost $80 (toto toilet) and to fix the tile work but ofcourse, no answer

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