We signed up with API for alarm monitoring through a dealer company - Hi-Tech Homes (also goes by Canimex). There was no contract signed for the duration of the services. Last year, we notified Hi-Tech Homes and API of our intention to terminate services after becoming aware of unethical business practices by the dealer - Hi-Tech Homes, which created a fake law firm to go after customers that expressed dissatisfaction with their services. After being made aware of these practices, alongside evidence of fake websites and intimidating emails, API's response was to do nothing and defer to the dealer. Fast forward five months, when we notified API and Hi-Tech Homes of our intention to terminate services when the current pre-paid term expires in July 2018. Instead of complying with our request in the absence of a contract, Hi-Tech Homes continued to send harassing emails. API is copied on the communications. On June 4, I wrote to API to request their help - AGAIN. Here is the exchange: Email to API: We received another email from Tony at Canimex this morning indicating he will not be closing our account with API. I am writing to ask for API's corporate policy for addressing a situation of willful customer fraud and intimation by an API dealer where there is no contract with the customer (as communicated by me to several members of the API team last year and this year, and corroborated by your email exchange with Canimex on May 15), and the customer has notified both Canimex and API in writing of their intention to terminate services (per my email to API and Cainmex on May 10). Response from API: As I have told you before we cannot cancel your account with API unless Tony cancels your account with us. I have just emailed him to address the situation ASAP with you since you sent us the cancellation. Contract or no contract this is between you and Tony. API has nothing to do with your arrangements . end of email exchange. I am shocked at API and Hi-Tech Homes treatment and willful intention to defraud customers in this way and will be taking action. Others BEWARE of both API and Hi-Tech Homes.

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Alex was amazing! He was prompt, timely, came prepared and the attention to detail was great - he took great care to finish off the fillers on the side and created a detailed cut to match the baseboards). The final product is seamless and we couldn't be more thrilled.

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Company Response

Hi Jasmine,
thank you for writing a review about our work. I'm glad you like it! Regards, Alexander