I am an interior designer and order alot of tile and work with many suppliers, so I have a pretty good handle on what's acceptable and what's not. For a project, we selected a tile due to it's size, finish and colour. We were sent a tile that did not match in size, finish or colour. When we inspected the tile, we informed the supplier, and their service was beyond terrible. They said that they don't care about design issues. All they cared to discuss was how the situation impacts them. They clearly have no standards whatsoever, and are only interested in making as much money as they can by passing off inferior product as acceptable. DO NOT SHOP HERE. EVER. What's the point of having samples if nothing matches? It's one thing to have made a mistake, but it's another when you insult the client and make no attempt to appease the situation.

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Company Response

It’s unfortunate that your experience at Cercan Tile was a negative one and for that we apologize. In this industry it is common place that orders may in fact vary in tonality, size and finish from both tile and stone samples; however a client is never expected to accept an order with significant variation from a sample. We purchase first choice material and have an excellent reputation that we have maintained successfully throughout the 40 years that we have been in business. We have standards and policies which are adhered to but do make exceptions and great efforts to resolve issues if our clients find themselves in extenuating circumstances. We have a tremendous respect for the design industry and would never intentionally insult any of our clientele. Your opinion and business are important to us and we hope that in the future you will allow us an opportunity to re-gain your patronage. As the review was only recently brought to our attention, we apologize for our delayed response.