I went to Ontario for my grandmother's funeral in June and we were cleaning up around the house so we could sell it. Lots of stuff we wanted to keep because memories and everything, but had no way to return it back to Alberta. So we called Landmark moving company. First, they told us that we would get our stuff by July 12-15. Then said that they weren't leaving until July 20 (red flag #1). Then we called again asking when we would get our stuff and they said not until July 29. Waiting and waiting..."oh not until beginning of August". First thing that was right. Received August 2. Unpacking all the boxes and everything seems fine-- all the tea cups from the war and from my great aunt in Germany, MOST of the expensive China...then we found a package behind a chair and kind of hidden (red flag #2). Okay..and unwrapping it from different packaging that we did NOT use, broken glass shelves and frames for the china cabinet. Picture frames broken. Bowls and plates broken. Mirror broken. Why was it all broken? It said fragile and they should be a little more careful when moving packages. THEY WERE BASICALLY LETTING IT SLIDE DOWN THE STAIRS AND THE BOXES BOUNCING UP AND DOWN. LIKE BE MORE CONSIDERATE OF OTHER PEOPLES STUFF. None of this stuff is replaceable, except maybe the glass shelving and the mirror. But the plates and stuff? No. Will they even CARE when we call to complain? Doubt it very much. Worst moving company ever. 10/10 would NEVER recommend.

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