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DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! ABSOLUTE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! Do not let their website, Facebook page or CTV and City News videos fool you! I hired Dylco in June 2016 to do work on the home of my senior disabled mother after my father passed away. The original scope of the work was to include replacing all the windows, re-face the front porch, add insulation to the attic, wall repairs in the basement, install a couple of window wells and some other minor jobs. After we signed the contract, the renovations went in a different direction and we decided to focus on making the illegal basement apartment legal and replace the windows. I will not go into the details of every single thing that was done wrong or else I will literally be writing all day, but trust me...NOT ONE THING WENT RIGHT. If you want to contact me privately on here through my profile I am more than happy to tell you, or even show you if you want to come by, what terrible work they do. In a nutshell, the windows took a total of 4 days over 15 weeks for all windows to be completely installed (quoted 2-3 weeks delivery and installation in 1 day). Although a problem with the HVAC company I contracted caused a 6 week delay in my overall 3 mth city imposed deadline, once that was complete it still took Dylco 5 weeks to finish the work I was originally told would only take a couple of days. Dylan and Eliot are easy to get a hold of when they want your business or collect money but impossible to reach when you're looking for updates or having problems. Once the work actually began I never knew day to day if anyone was showing up. In the beginning the workers would arrive late, come and go all day, take long lunches and then leave early, mostly due to not having materials on site (throughout the job there was ALWAYS a problem with having materials on site). To say that this project was poorly organized is a huge understatement. They used several different teams of workers so no one took responsibility for the entire project, no one seemed to know what they needed to do and everyone always acted surprised when I reminded them what was left to do. The whole project was a rush job with sloppy workmanship. In the end so much was not properly finished because I was at the end of my timeline and I JUST WANTED THEM OUT! To add insult to injury, during the last week of the project Dylco had a falling out with his sub-contractor, didn't pay him, leaving me with no workers to complete the job. I was forced to hire the sub contractor who was doing the crappy work otherwise risk having him put a lien on my mothers home. Despite several emails to Dylco I never heard from them again. Note: Dylco's website says they do not use sub-contractors. They will tell you in person over and over that they do not use sub-contractors...yet their business licence registration specifically stipulates "THAT ALL WORK IS TO BE PERFORMED BY SUB-CONTRACTORS". I DO NOT RECOMMEND HIRING DYLCO BUILDERS. I was swayed in the beginning by the television new stories and their seemingly professional and friendly demeanor in person. They come off as being senior friendly and a loving family owned business with your best interest at heart. They are like snake oil salesmen...shaking hands and kissing babies. Or in our case hugging us. kissing us on the cheek, calling my mother "Mama" every time they came to see us. At least in the beginning. As I became increasingly frustrated with them I saw and heard less and less from them and our conversations were quite strained. You CANNOT leave their workers unsupervised. Honestly if I wasn't on their asses constantly the job would have gone much much worse! Cost breakdown: $13,000 for the windows, $15,000 for the basement reno ($10,000 to Dylco and $5,000 to their sub-contractor) Cons: Reno not completed on time or on budget or as per agreement, extremely poor workmanship, damage to original house finishes, damage to their completed work, unauthorized plumbing, poor time and material management, poor response time from owners, total miscommunication and lack of communication, lack of integrity, misrepresentation. Should Dylco respond to this review, please know that despite anything they might say every word of the above is true and I have documented proof of everything that transpired during this project. DO NOT HIRE DYLCO BUILDERS! Update: Sept 12 2017 Not even one year later and I just discovered the studs in the basement bathroom are wet. I was drilling a hole for new towel bars and the drill bit pulled out wet wood. I KNEW this was going to become an issue one day but not so soon. When they replaced this outside wall they were supposed to install board insulation and seal it. Except they cut the insulation too small, didn't tape it to seal it and installed drywall over the loose insulation boards. Plus when they were installing the new window a large chunk of concrete broke off and they were supposed to spray foam insulation around it but I'm sure they didn't do that either. I'm so glad they don't appear to be in business anymore. Not under this name anyway. The new family company name is Durham Bathrooms Inc.

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