We were moving from a three-storey semi in the east end of Toronto to a midtown four-storey semi on what turned out to be a record setting hottest weekend in Toronto history. We had a number of worries for our move, including: a king-sized bed going from the third floor at the source house to the fourth floor in the destination house, a number of delicate paintings and wall hangings, some antiques and other delicate items, a massive TV (my most prized possession of course..!). On top of this, this is only the second time we've ever used movers (we didn't use Accurate Movers, we used independents) and the first experience was awful (broken items, a broken wall, scratches everywhere, extremely long moving duration, etc). So, you can imagine how reluctant we were to try movers again. However, we had the polar opposite experience this time. We were blown away by how careful the team was with everything. Not just the items themselves (they wrapped each item individually and thoroughly), but with the house(s). Narrow doorways were taped up and padded to prevent damage. Rugs and other floor mats were put down. They watched every corner, took care of every item as if it were their own. The first time we'd used movers, we had to hover over them all day long, trying to prevent them from breaking things. Within the first twenty minutes of this experience, we recognized that we could absolutely trust the team and it enabled us to basically leave them alone to do their thing while we ran around taking care of our own task list. Two of our biggest "problem" items were: 1) A king-sized bed that was going to the top floor of the destination house, which was only accessible by an extremely narrow stairway. The team spent 15 minutes, all three of them, focusing just on this item to ensure they got it up there without causing any damage. I had serious worries of having to relocate our master bedroom due to its inaccessibility, but the team resolved the obstacle no problem. 2) A patio table that has some finicky legs (hard to remove). The team from Accurate Movers aptly disassembled the table with their own tools, moved it through the house carefully, and reassembled it in the backyard, no problem. They even were able to diagnose what was wrong with the table legs upon disassembly for us. I really can't recommend these guys enough, they did a stellar job for us, moving the entire house's contents in about 6.5 hours. They were very friendly, pleasant, competent, and their experience was obvious from the word 'go'. One of the signs of inexperienced movers is always evident in how they pack their truck. Halfway through the move, I took a look in the truck and was blown away by how expertly everything had been Tetris'ed away, fastened down with straps and secured against damage while maximizing how much they could fit in the truck. Book these guys. Moving day is stressful enough as it is, and these guys took 90% of the stress off our shoulders and onto theirs, and did so with a smile and without complaint. I can't think of a more ideal experience to have on moving day.

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Hi Bartek,

Were glad we were able to alleviate 90 % of your stress on moving day. Thanks again for choosing to move with Accurate Movers. Until next time. All the best!