Simply bad! Buyers beware! Awful customer service, appalling communication, very unprofessional. My husband and I came to the realization shortly after buying from this builder that it was a big mistake. The decor selection appointment was held at the unfurnished model home itself and the very limited finishing options were available. At the decor appointment we were given a few pieces of paper informed we had 2 hrs to select our finishes. No assistance was given on the options to select, the sales person didn't even stay upstairs to answer any questions we had during the selection process. ((Sale person’s name is Danusa)) When we had to come back in to sign for the amended purchase we were informed that we had to pay upfront for half the cost of the upgrades. At no point during the selection process, or any time prior to that were we told that any upgrades added we needed to be paid for upfront. This is my 4th new construction purchase and I have never been asked to pay upfront for half of my upgrades. When I asked the sales lady (Danusa), why she had not inform us of this prior, she became very aggressive, extremely rude and tried to cover herself by saying that she had informed us. She even had our selection options wrong, when she sent us the email confirmation of our upgrades some items were missing and other items we didn’t select were on there. When I informed her that it was incorrect she very rudely said it was accurate and if we made any changes we would have to pay for a change request….. Thank goodness I keep my emails, I accordingly forwarded her a copy of our email communication which confirmed our finish selections. Instead of apologizing for her error and her unnecessary rude response she just sent us by email the corrected selections and said sign and send it back. We had numerous delayed date changes, which to some degree is expected with new construction however, our delays reached 9 months, but that isn’t the worst part…. Our final closing date was set, so most reputable builders will close when the final closing date is set as they get financial penalty if they don’t. We had three delayed closing notifications after this date. We were informed 3 weeks to closing that an extension was needed… then rolls around the new date and 11 days to closing on this date we are informed they need another extension. Than rolls around this new date and 7 days to when were are scheduled to take possession we are informed once again they need an extension of closing. New closing date arrives once again 8 days to taking possession we are…yes once again notified of another extension is needed. We were accordingly left with very little time to get short term living accommodations to be told 11 days, then 7 days and 8 days to taking possession that your house is not ready put us in a very difficult situation. Our lives were thrown into chaos to say the least and not even a courteously call was given for the continuous short notifications, we were notified by a general, generic email from the lovely sales representative Danusa. This builder doesn’t seem to have a clue what they are doing. We have spoken to other people in the community and not one person has a positive thing to say about their experience or completed product with this builder. The completed house we were lucky to not have many problems, we do still have major items that need fixing but compared many others in the neighbourhood our list of pending fixes is light and short. If you value your sanity and money do not buy with this builder.

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