Honestly, I have conflicting opinions regarding Armour and seeing all of the glowing 10 reviews I wonder why my experience was so different (or was it; maybe my standards are set differently?). Regardless, I felt it necessary to provide a review just in case there are others out there like me. First I will say, with the exception of how they surrounded my satellite dish with shingle instead of removing the dish and shingling underneath (which they said they would do), the roof does indeed appear to be installed excellently; so in the end I'm very pleased with the work completed. However, getting to that point was slightly frustrating for me, and the company became 100% unresponsive after the work was completed. From the first quote, these guys didn't seem to honor time schedules, reliability is a big deal for me. I always respect other peoples time and expect the same, time is money/valuable, and I'm sorry if my expectation on the company irritated them, this is the way the professional world works. To begin, they were hours late for the initial quote, no biggie right, anyone can be late once and they did apologize and explain the issue. However, on the day of the install they came 3-4 hours later that stated and even then, they simply dropped off supplies and vanished (without telling me they had no intent of doing the roof that day, which I found out hours later). Josh did apologize for this as well. But, then the next day when they were doing the install, they again arrived hours later than stated (preventing them from finishing the roof that day I should add). In addition to this, emails sometimes were met with no reply, it took multiple attempts to arrange a time to pay the deposit, they didn't shingle color match when they said they would and instead had the installer show me the shingle for my OK on the day of the install!. I took time off and remained home for this, consuming my time like this was slightly disrespectful. But, as much as that bothered me, I'm still pretty patient so it wasn't enough to get under my skin to the point of irritation. What did get under my skin was this; during the install they shorted my satellite dish (nail through the cable). In the end, this did cost me an additional $75 +tx with Bell (not to mention more of my time) to get the issue resolved, and even after multiple emails to Armour, they eventually did say they would pay for it however, that was weeeeeks ago now and I've long since given up. In addition, they left supplies at my house which they said they would pick up but, they never have. Yes, this was another $30 for a dump pass so I could dispose of it. It's only $100 or so dollars in additional cost, and more of my time but, it's the principle of the matter not to mention my biggest concern of all. If ever there is a failure in the roof, will they actually honor their warranty?! So yes, the install looks great, I believe the work was well done. However, reliability and respect issues wouldn't have me recommending them to my friends or using them again in the future. Update: After posting my review I was contacted immediately and reimbursed for both the satellite and dump expense. Much appreciated. I do need to note however, there was only sun the week my roof was to be done and the roofers themselves upon leaving the materials at my house asked me to place them in the garage (so no one would take them).

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Company Response

Hi Dan,

Thank you very much for your feedback, we find it very helpful to insure we are constantly improving in all areas of our business - it is appreciated.

As everyone can understand, scheduling roofing and exterior renovation projects can be challenging with weather and the elements of nature. Your project was out of the Ottawa area in Arnprior and we accommodated it as best as possible.

With the left over materials, we would have picked them up, however, you had put them in your garage which we did not have access to.

We stand very firmly behind all of our installations - we do quality work and honor our warranties.

Our team will contact you to ensure the reimbursement for the satellite and dump are taken care of immediately.

Enjoy your new roof.