Had the driveway done last year, they did a terrible job. Seams, patches, poor workmanship, poor quality asphalt that is soft and coming apart, driveway not graded properly. Chris then argued that it's not his responsibility to do a proper job. He said he'd come back this year to replace it but all you get is a verbal promise then no response. Unprofessional and poor quality. Stay far away from this company.

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I used this cleaning service for several months and sometimes they did a decent job, but more often they left furniture only half dusted and areas of the floors clearly still dirty. At one point I had renos going on and so a lot of construction dust and I specifically ordered an extra cleaning just to deal with the construction dust and they did a very poor job. When I complained, instead of dealing with the issue reasonably they increased my rates by over $100 a cleaning, which is ridiculous. I do not recommend them, there are better cleaning services in the area that do a consistently thorough job and are reasonable and responsible, and for a better price.

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Company Response

Thank you for your review Adele. I'm sorry your experience with us has left a sour taste in your mouth, as this was never our intention. We pride ourselves greatly on working with our clients to provide a top-notch professional service.

Unfortunately in this case, the limited hours you had contracted our team for was not enough time to fully complete your list of priority areas - especially given the construction dust you had mentioned. Additionally we were finding regular miscommunications with regards to the task you were wanting focused on.

As discussed earlier...we provided a credit to you after one service, then returning with our team again after another to take care of your issues. Unfortunately it was necessary to conclude an 'hourly contracted' service was not serving you or our company the way it does so many of our clients. As a result, we communicated that in order to further service your home, we would no longer be able to provide you with a by-the-hour service. I'd like to clarify that the rate increase you are referring to was for a flat-rate quote to service your whole home and prevent any miscommunications moving forward. I understand that a flat-rate service to clean your whole home as opposed to a limited hourly service (the increase you referred to) is not something you're interested in at this time. I can assure you it was certainly not our intention to 'penalize' you as a client. We simply felt is was appropriate to communicate that the business relationship was not working for either side. We believe our rate & suggestion to continue service on a flat-rate basis was honest, fair, in line with industry standards and necessary if we were to continue working together. We do wish you all the best moving forward and I hope you can find a service that better suits your needs.