Never, Never buy from this company! We purchased a full patio set from D.O.T. within one year all the cushion faded to the point that there was no pattern left on the cushions. The next year we brought the cushion out from indoor storage only to have all the fabric deteriorate and tear. Customer Service were extremely unhelpful and told me they do not warranty the cushions for more than one year and that they no longer make those cushions (wonder why). Due to the configuration of the cushion they cannot be easily replaced, without having to pay someone to make new ones. The best they would do (after telling me they don't make the cushions anymore) is to advise me to go to their store and see if I can find something that might work. At the time of purchase I was told there was a life time warranty on the set as long as I had the original receipt, which I do. Terrible quality bad customer service. We just paid $1500. for a patio set that we used 3 seasons.

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