Do yourself a favor, in fact it is much more than that, for your mental health & peace of mind for years after avoid the use of this company at all costs and if you know anyone who finds themselves in the position of needing these kind of services, please make them aware of this site. Send them here to HOME STARS for the reviews ordinary people like you & I have had with FirstOnSite. Just remember when it comes to FOS the first 2 words are DO NOT! There is a weekly show called Canada's Worst Handyman that is quite amusing and very often unbelievable. In all my years (30+), FirstonSite has Please take note : The flooring in the photos that has been done ( gray epoxy paint with multi-coloured flakes was NOT done by FOS. It was done by a professional company who were in and out within 1 long day. They were an absolute pleasure to deal with, a refreshing change from what I had been experiencing.

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