My experience with Pratt Homes has been positive from the first inquiring phone call with Cynthia, where she patiently and in detail answered my many questions and concerns about buying a condo in general, and a unit in Upper West Side, in particular. This was a big, life-changing decision - downsizing from a waterfront house in northern Ontario to a condo in Barrie. After spending time on the helpful Pratt website, researching condo living at Upper West Side and various floor plans and prices, and then actually seeing the model unit, I decided to buy my unit immediately as it was the last one available that had everything I wanted, including a view that overlooked the woods, with nature trails nearby. Although it took me over a year to move in because of selling my home, I never doubted my decision, and the updates from Gemma on the progress of the building, as well as meeting to pick flooring and colours, helped to keep me grounded and excited that this move was becoming a reality. I was able to keep upgrades and additional costs to a minimum because the variety and choices offered as standard features were a decent quality. When it came time to finally inspect the condo, Ramona was very helpful, both in explaining things and listing any work that needed to be fixed or touched up. When I had questions or concerns, property management and the office staff at Pratt Homes has been helpful and responded promptly, so the actual move went smoothly. There are adjustments to living here – like hearing traffic instead of loons, and having less wide open windows for fresh air - but I have never regretted my decision to buy my unit, and the transition has been made easier because the design of the unit, building and surrounding landscaping make it feel less like I'm living in a big city. My grandchildren love coming to visit me here, and enjoy going outside to walk on the trails and see the geese in the pond. I'm looking forward to when the landscaping will be finished with trees, flowers and walkways, and they can use the new playground. Thank you to everyone at Pratt Homes who has made this new stage in my life easier and a positive one. Constance

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