We hired this company to find and vet tenants for us as it was an investment property and we live too far from London for it to be feasible to be on call for every potential viewing. I short, they were horrible. We found the current tenants ourselves via Kijiji, we did the walkthrough with the client and we had to fight with JDN to provide the keys to the client on the move in date after JDN was refused the keys and told that this was JDN's policy and that the client would have to use the electronic locos that JDN asked us to provide and then later told the " keys had been found and could then be picked up ". In the words of out tenants, "we never would have received access if not for us. In addition, we were over charged for services not even close to being provided even though in writing we were told that tat would not happen. Save yourselves the trouble and stay far away from this hugely less than professional racket.

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