We sold our home, & had everything moved into storage for 2 months while our house was being built. We hired able Movers to move everything into storage, then once again to move everything from storage into our home. Its not cheap using them twice. I really liked the guy who ran it & his side kick but the 'young' movers damaged so much stuff. 5-6 pieces of large white ikea style furniture(wrapped with blankets), marks & scratches all over them, ripped an antique chair (which they repaired afterwards), broke a lamp . Owner said they would attempt to fix all the white furniture with paint? Never did. Never heard from them again.

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Company Response

Lynn, I apologize for not staying on this, and making sure that everything was completed, repaired properly, I just learned how to track Homestars reviews, this is a site that I really didn't know much about. Anyway, somehow I lost track of your needs, it was not intentional, please contact me should you like additional repairs to be completed.
Robert Fleischer, ABLE Moving Services. 519-542-1616 or 519-381-2099 direct line


If you are looking for current interior design talent this is NOT the company. Easy, simple, boring cabinet & style that's them. I had to designed & blindly choose everything myself, the woman designer was useless with any input. Probably 8-10 different mistakes throughout the process, I see 2-3 poorly constructed/assembled issues staring at me daily & now 1.5 years later my $24,000 white kitchen cabinets are cracking & paint peeling in certain areas. Obviously not enough painted coats. 2 calls to the customer service rep who told me I was number #1 priority , has never called back to come look at them.

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