I was told they would replace hot and cold lines on hot water tank for the price above and they showed up and only did one. I wouldnt use them again. They didnt even use flexible line they used the old pipe I had. Then they wouldnt take visa. I called them back once I saw the work and they denied everything that they quoted $294 for one pipe. I remember the original conversation because my wife was there and I said to the guy they were both old and the other might give away at any time. He agreed then he tried to upsell me to do the tank as well and both the lines for $899. so he said to me again 2 lines for $295 or the whole tank and lines for $899. I wouldnt recommend them to anyone. Avoid them at all costs they give good plumbers a bad name. I doubt I will ever get my money back or the other pipe changed.

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