Had an estimate done by Oxford. Price seemed reasonable, and was done I a manor that was professional. I specifically asked about damage insurance, as we were moving down the highway and have a few valuables. We were told by the co-owner and it was put in writing that everything was fully insured, and that there was no deductible. During the move my wife watched them ram the treadmill into a doorframe. They shrugged and pushed through, breaking the instrument panel. After the move we did a walk around and found our master dresser had the front of one of the drawers ripped off, and our chest freezer had the lid collapsed on the corner. The freezer had been placed in a corner and the lid had been left up so we wouldn't notice. The next day I left several messages for the co-owner to call me back. No response. I have been leaving messages for over a month now, I have stopped in the office and still can't get a hold of him. I have spoken several times to someone at the front desk, who says he doesn't know anything about their insurance policy, and that I have to talk to the owner. The good news is that the cost came in at the quote amount. The bad news is that when they break your stuff, they will play phone tag with you until you give up and walk away.

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