Really happy with the whole process, from getting a price quote to finished product. Stair lifts are not common and you really don't know where to start when researching. Stannah was able to provide experts, Christy, who are knowledgeable and willing to spend time in educating and guiding through. From products, process, pricing to final installation. Really gave us the assurance in going with Stannah chair lift. Also, there's not much reviews on senior products out there. No fancy YouTuber throwing sexy cinematic reviews for senior chair lifts. So you'll end up reading a bunch of random thoughts off google and still be skeptical (like this one you're reading, thinking I got paid). Stannah was the best in clarifying all the confusion, so we went with them. Mainly the company have been around for a long time and pride itself in service and product quality. Their pricing is absolutely justified. When you need a product like this, you don't want to compromise. You just want to have it done and done right so your parents can get up / down the stairs. If there's issues, you know they are around for you. Thanks guys for doing a great job at installation. Ben, Joe, David high speed ninja their way in and out. There were absolutely no mess to clean up after. Took care of the original hand rails, doors and even hang up my dad's clock. Highly recommend, the professionalism is top notch.

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It can be daunting to research a product like a stairlift but we do believe that a superior product and going above and beyond for our clients sets us apart. Thank you for your lovely words and for allowing Stannah Canada to earn your trust.


3 delivery attempts, still not done. 1. The $ saved was not enough to account for the stress and process. 2. Customer has no chance to explain or voice their concerns. 3. Too much resistance… all remembered was: “no, I can’t, I have to go” 4. I wonder if my neighbours were having their appliance helicoptered in? 5. Are all delivery jobs smooth and easy? There are units of similar design all around the area. 6. I tried my best in complying, accommodating all requested with the consideration of safety from 1st and 2 attempt - arranged with builders by removing blockage, leveled the dirt ground, waited for it to dry, got ply wood. I even mentioned the concerns from 1st & 2nd attempt while booking for the 3rd delivery. Why was a third helper not arranged in advance? 7. I do appreciate the first delivery guy for trying, explaining and most importantly, hearing out on a customer’s concern. Suggestion: Not here to get anyone out of a job. I believe improvement to communications is needed to reduce delivery attempts and stress for all parties. A web page where customers can upload pictures and other helpful information? Last 2 delivery attempt, left me a stressed and many more issues to follow up. I ordered 5 essential pieces for the new home - order was $4700 + $75 each delivery. I will never recommend or purchase from CAS again. The savings against competitors was not worth it. My house, the garage is more accessible compared to the front entrance. Kitchen at second floor and laundry at 3rd. It is a lot of stairs and I was ready to tip heavily when the job is done. To be fair, I mentioned it to the sales rep about the flight of stairs at purchase and will compensate the movers for their effort. Currently a $1800 fridge is in the garage where the lock does not lock. Washer still not connected because they do not have a hammer to remove drainage cap, the stove is not leveled (Sears could do it, CAS can’t)… and I refuse to look at my expensive upgraded stairs. Left with a lot of stress during the process 3-4 months to get the job half done. The worst, head delivery guy on the phone would not allow me a chance to speak and all I hear is his complains and arrange for a 4th attempt, even after I had tried so hard in accommodate their requests.. I had to raise my voice to stop him so I can speak for 10 seconds. 2nd attempt mentioned about their safety. Totally respect that, sent the order back. Arranged with the builder to accommodate all the requests against 1st and 2nd attempt, celebrated with wine, coffee and many thanks. 3rd attempt, same delivery guy still resisted. Made my dad wait outside for 30 minutes while in his truck complaining on the phone. Thus the call from the delivery rep offering yet another attempt and had the nerve to say they are in a hurry. When delivery guy spent 30mins complaining. Finally movers agreed to move 4 pieces except the fridge into the house using the back door (where the stairs and walls will be scratched) instead of utilizing the front door where they had strongly suggested, and I had gone through a ton of effort in arranging. Am I missing red carpet, cheerleaders, and a pool bar? He had the nerve to say how the builders does not love me enough for not lending me a dozer. If a dozer can fly, I want one of those. Ps. Delivery head rep. “My dad”, not “some guy who does not speak English” what does not knowing English have anything to do with delivering appliances? There are a lot of non English speaking residence in my area who owns and has appliances delivered. I have a mobile, email, text, any means of communications - I speak fluent English. If you would have listened you would have caught what I said - “I am on site right now, let me speak to the delivery guy to understand what is going on”. I want to know what is going on after going the whole 9 yards in arranging for a smooth delivery for CAS movers. “Help me out here”

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We are sorry to hear of your experience. Here at Canadian Appliance Source, we strive the ensure our customers receive a great experience. Can you kindly provide your order information to our Customer Service email, and we will be happy to make things right.

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