Bought a wall art. Then went back next week to look at pillows. Saw other wall art. Bought that one too. Went back to return first art purchase only to find out that they don't do refunds. They only do refund on full priced purchases not on sales stock. It's getting really hard to keep supporting these canadian retailers. The return policy is like a mine field. Big American retailers come here and take over the market because of customer service. Canadian retailers better learn quickly or they all will dissappear.

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Shower handle breaks. Take off to find screw held in place by electrical tape. They won't fix. Past warranty. How do you find out unless you take apart the house to find all the problems from shoddy workmanship. Who knows what else is behind the walls hidden from view. Lost all confidence in builder and home. Called plumber not sure cost but must fix. Since builder doesn't stand behind product.

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Company Response

Hello Berge,

I have inquired with may service staff and they cannot recall or have any record of such a complaint. Can you please call the complaint into my service team so we are first aware of it and who your are, address etc. and given us an opportunity to come review and see what can be done. They can be reached at 905-833-1525


Alon was great. He met with everyone from the new development to organize fencing for the backyards. Our fence was a little more challenging but they did a great job. Fence was done on time as quoted by Alon. We would recommend Can Do Fence to everyone.

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Company Response

Not every project can go perfectly smoothly as things do go wrong... The test of a Company is if something is not done as it should be do they correct it. Anything that comes to my attention as an issue I try to resolve with rigor and one way or another as long as customer willing to work with me I am always there to ensure our customers are satisfied.

Thanks for letting the public know, we did have some challenges but at the end did what we could in good faith to resolve... I appreciate the comments being shared


Alon Zamdvaiz
Sales Manager
CAN DO Fence & Deck