Purchased: a total of 5 sliding glass doors for two different closets (2 panels on one, 3 on another). After about 8 weeks, one of the panels developed a crack starting from the TOP edge (about 7 feet off the ground). Within two days this crack propagated from the top edge, down, and over to the right edge, near the top. Repeated calls to Marlin Mirror ended only in them saying, in parrot like fashion, "breakage is not covered under warranty" and "YOU must have done something to break it" (*** Hint: I can barely reach up to the height where this crack is my wife is shorter than me and simply can not reach that high if she tried, there is NO WAY we could have done this) and "Maybe your kids or your pets did it" (*** Hint: we have neither pets nor children***). I explained that this was a defect, either of materials, or workmanship of installation (they did NOT INSTALL Vinyl or Rubber bumpers on the edge of the panels!), which did not manifest until 8 weeks after installation. I never got a call back from "Tom" not even a return phone call! I wanted him or his assignee to inspect the mode of failure, and if, as a result of that on-site inspection, he still felt it was not covered under warranty, to tell me exactly *why* and what he could do for me. Instead I was treated poorly by the staff, did not get the courtesy of a return call (from the mysterious "Tom"), let alone an inspection visit. It will cost me about $250 to replace this mirror panel. Avoid Marlin Mirror! Postscript: Continuing with my previous review for Marlin Mirror, and their zero warranty and poor customer service: why does Marlin's ad in Toronto Yellow Pages say "Since 1975" but according to the Industry Canada web site (look up the Industry Canada Strategis web site) they were established in 1979. Which is it? 1975? or 1979?

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