I had changed various parts on an older dryer, as it wasn't heating up but cycled fine. No luck on my DIY, so checked homestars for a reputable company, and ended up calling Household Refrigeration and Appliance Service. A fine gentleman showed up, and checked the voltage from the wall outlet, checked the parts for continuity, and found that the issue was likely the timer. However, timers are typically more costly than other parts, so I was leaning towards buying a new dryer instead. He was very forthright with everything, and even took the time to explain a few things that he checked out. In the end, he left us with a pleasant surprise, and I can't thank him enough. I think I only said one or two words of gratitude, because I was taken aback by his generosity. I had already put a lot of wasted money into this project, and so this was a great surprise. The least I can do is write this review, and let other potential customers know that they will be hiring a good, honest person.

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