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We bought our couch used from an antiques dealer it needed a lot of work and we decided to consult the yellow pages for an upholsterer. we shopped around for quotes until we happened across a decent one from Crowchild Flooring the man came out that night to see our sofa and see what could be done he said it was an easy enough job and he would do it tomorrow for us, he said that he required a deposit of half up front 700.00 and then half after he was done he took our credit card number and left. The next day he came back to start our couch he caused numberous dents and chips and my husband and I were extrememly upset we had paid good money for this couch. Upon discussing the damage with Sam he seemed to be empathetic and agreed to knock 100.00 off our bill for the damage he did a decent job even though it appeared a little sloppy we didnt think it looked to bad. We paid him for his services and away he went, the following week i noticed the fabric appeared to be a different pattern on the back although just slightly it was and it had not been properly applied and was falling off. My husband called sam who refused to refund our money we have contacted crowchild upholestry and they refuse to return our calls too. It wasnt until last night we found out that sam is a fake operating under several different names and was recently arrested for numerous charges. I have linked to the article

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