Ramiro does an awesome job. He has completed a total of 3 projects for me so far. Master washroom re-grout- colour match amazing Ensuite stand up shower- didn’t even realize the tiles were dirty, cleaned and re-siliconed seams Pool room floor-cleaned, stained and sealed grout. Grout here was no longer white but various shades of dirty. Looks like we re tiled the whole room. would certainly recommend him. I will continue to use him and refer him to other clients.

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Thank you for your review.


These people are out to grab your money. Don't use them. They send boys out who have no idea what they are doing. I thought we had moles because someone thought they had seen one. We have skunks! they are tearing up our lawn and leaving holes that look like tunnels. A professional would have know the difference. They set traps, for moles. Now after a few months of these traps in the yard, they just showed up and took them away. No phone call, no explanation. nothing. I spent lots of time before I called them out on the phone talking to the office staff. I gave the office staff specific instructions, were to park, which days they could come ( I am the property manager, I don't live here) etc.... they continually showed up on days I was not here and did not inform me of what was going on.

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Dear Lisa
Our technicians at ICE average in age from 32-42 years old
Not sure whom you are referring . They are highly trained and have an average of 10 years experience.
We set up your program in December of 2015 for moles, which was confirmed by our technicians and your staff on site. There was no evidence of Skunks. Not only did we extend the program for you, we reset the system up in March at NO CHARGE.
Normally there would have been additional charges.

With any trapping program there is NO guarantee..Unfortunately we cannot make the animals go into the traps.
Not only did you have Moles you also had evidence of voles.
Again I re-iterate there were NO skunks on property and the damage was done by moles.
We stand behind our technicians findings 100 percent.Pictures taken on site prove our findings are correct.
It is now April and yes it is possible you have skunks on property as they are NOW active and your facility is surrounded by forest.
Our office staff had tried to contact you on numerous occasions with no response. I understand you are a management company and not on site, however, numerous attempts were made to contact you .
We are a very reputable company, have been in the industry for over 20 years, and we stand behind our findings.
Best regards Denise Smith ICE Inc.