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I called the same company, that we dealt with last year & booked an appointment. They sent Action ChemDry instead to do the job. The cleaner decided that this was a restoration cleaning, charged me extra for pet stain removal in 5 rooms(now I note that their website has free spot removal with any cleaning) & wouldn't guarantee stain removal. Cleaner does not move any furniture whatsoever, does not ask for help moving anything except wires(?), did not clean area rug under dining room table or carpet under SMALL end table. FYI I was on the premises, staying out of areas being cleaned. Many areas do not appear clean, edges near baseboards dirty, nor did the so called enzyme spray do much to clean. Note that this cleaner charged me BEFORE job commenced, & absolutely refused a personal cheque,which in retrospect was a bad decision on my part as neither my partner nor I are happy with job.Called company back to complain & had to schedule another app't to fix deficiencies in cleaning. Cleaner came back, sprayed a few spots, used a scrub brush on a few, then left, all the time insisting that he couldn't possibly do anything more.

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