TERRIBLE experience and Carlo was shockingly unprofessional when I brought my concerns to him while his workers were starting the move. He went so far as to write me a bullying email after the experience. WHAT HAPPENED: 1. the crew showed up an hour and 15 minutes late. 2. they brought a VAN. not a truck. a VAN. meaning not all of my items (which they knew i had) would fit AND my fridge had to be laid on it's side (something i am not thrilled with) 3. they DID NOT use a dolly to move the refrigerator which resulted in deep gouge in my cherry floors. 4. Because they didn't send the right eqipment, I had to make a second trip to the site to finish picking up the items. 5. When I spoke to him about the problems and asked for a discount for my hassle, Carlo balked, and then asked me to run his employees tips through him, which can only imply he would have either withheld it entirely or taken a cut. That tells me everything I need to know about what kind of person he is. And most importantly, he requested this transaction to be in cash. Which can only mean that he wanted it off the books to hide the income, which of course is illegal. He didn't give me a receipt either. He is obviously not legitimate, and clearly unstable. I don't expect him to fix my floor as I wouldn't let him near my house. He sent me a nasty email chiding me for paying him less for the poor service. DO NOT USE THEM!!! the money you save is not worth the trouble!

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Company Response

You told me personally to bring just a van. So I brought a van. The gauge that was in your cherry wood floor was already there because we did not use a dolly to bring the refrigerator in and it never touched the floor when until we got it into place. We were never late. I told you that we would be there between 9-11am. We arrived at 9:15am. It doesn't make any sense how you are so upset with my service from my workers, but you tip 200 dollars. I never said the tips should through me. I just wanted to be paid for the work they did. You did not pay my business the money they worked for. You just tipped my workers money and gave my business nothing. I never threaten you at all through any emails. I requested cash from you because the last 2 times we got a check from you it bounced and you refused to pay the 35 dollar insufficient funds that they charged my bank. Lying a refrigerator on its side was the only way we could move the refrigerator since you requested a van.