Two technicians came to my home to check a problem with my Whirlpool oven. They were here for about 15 minutes, and they diagnosed the problem as a broken oven element. I was given an invoice for $380.75 plus GST for the bake element replacement and installation. I paid $125.00 for the call out, and they were scheduled to return on Thursday to replace and install the bake element, as they did not have the part in stock. I told them that I thought the call-0ut charge was higher than I was told in an e-mail and installation cost was high. I looked at the confirmation email again that I was sent when I booked the call-out appointment. It states: “The Call Out is 69.99 and if you decide to get it repaired we waive the call out and Diagnosis charge which is separate at 89.99/hr”. I was able to purchase and install a replacement bake element myself the same day. The cost of the replacement bake element was $71.78 plus GST (from a Calgary supplier), and it took me about 20 minutes to install, using just a Phillips screwdriver. I feel I was overcharged at $125 for initial call-out, and I also feel that the estimate to replace and install the oven bake element was too high. I was never offered a refund for the over-charge on the call-out (which I feel should have only be $89.99).

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Hello, thanks for the review.

There is no refund on diagnosis and call out which was call out +30 mins is what you were charged. The 125 is call out, 30 mins and part order because you said you wanted to get the repair done, and had us order the part for pick up.
Then you decided its cheaper to do it yourself, which it is, save yourself a lot of money just taking the diagnosis and learning where the element is, you did not know when we got there and we opened it up for you to access the element.
Also at that time you said we should come back for free and do the install, and for obvious reasons we can't work half our day for free which is also what I had told you when we were there.

We are happy you took the diagnosis and sourced a cheaper way to do the repair in these hard economic times, but unfortunately we and other trades can't drive around the city for free.


We needed our entire main floor, upstairs hallway and ceilings painted. Ryan and Jamie from Elite Trade Painting did a great job. The paint job looks very professional, and they were very neat and clean during the 4-day process. The price was reasonable and all the painting was done on time. I was worried that they would not be finished before my Easter dinner, but Elite brought in 2 extra painters to finish the job. Thank you!

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Thanks for taking the time to write a review! We're glad your happy with everything and glad we could get some extra hands in to get the project done on time for the Easter long weekend!