We have a 1898 home in the Annex in Toronto. Before we did the work, my wife referred to the house as a giant bush the ivy had been allowed to grow with no care. First Blair removed the 40 years worth of ivy from all sides of the house. He then cleaned the brick with high pressure water and soap. It looked great except the point work was in bad shape on the front and south side of the house. Jim did the restoration. We wanted a historical restoration on the front he ground out all of the old mortar and replaced with new. Fantastic work! The rest of the sides we did a standard restoration and it too looks very good! Bravo gentlemen!

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I have used a lot of electricians in my life and I have one consistent criticism; they are all messy. They do there job (good or bad) and they leave behind an awful mess. Enter Aerostar! Paul and his team are by far the best electrical company I have ever used. They have the ability to do any size job and guess what? They clean-up after themselves! I have had them do work in apartment complexes as well as at my home and they consistently get high praise. Aerostar is not the least expensive company to use, but in my opinion they are the best!

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Richard is great! He was recommended to us and we went ahead on blind faith. The work in the 3 apartments was extensive. It was a project from the ground up and he did everything from the underfloor drain work and running pipes from the water main through to the finish work in the bathrooms and kitchens. At our home, he has done three bathrooms, all of the outdoor sprinkler system and wall faucets, as well as our outdoor kitchen. Great work!

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