I'll start off by saying that I very rarely rate any company. The service I received from Space Craft Home Services was truly exemplary and prompted me to write this. We have had extensive renovation work done at our home - added 1500 square feet, gutted the house, underpinned the house, etc. We have worked with a number of contractors and tradesmen and have become very well versed in home construction. We recently begun the process of renovating our basement. The stairwell leading down to the basement was built in the 50's and was thus very narrow and had limited headroom. It was frankly impossible to move any sort of appliance up or down the stairs. In preparing to renovate the basement, we decided that we would need to find a way to widen the stairwell and move some structural 1st floor joists that were limiting the headroom on the stairs. We called a number of recommended carpenters/structural framers and general contractors. Each of them came in, gave us an obscene quote and really didn't inspire any confidence that they would be able to complete the task. Enter Glenn from Space Craft Home Services - a company that specifically does structural work, duct work re-routing, etc. to optimize basement finishing. Glenn showed up promptly for the estimate at the agreed upon time (after hours as we work all day). He took off his shoes, put on booties that he brought with him, and immediately showed me his GC and structural framing license. This was the first time any contractor had done this for me - and I've interviewed around 20 between the different jobs on our house. I showed him the "problem" and spoke about my ideas about how to improve things - which included a ton of electrical work to pull wires out from existing joists so that they could be reinforced. Glenn then presented a fantastic solution that no other contractor had suggested - his idea completely overhauled the stairwell - widened it, gave adequate headroom, and also saved us over $700 in electrical work! He then showed me another area at our stairwell (the landing) that he wanted to fix as well, because it didn't look structurally stable following our underpin work. He then went over the specific details of what he would do and how he would do it for the full scope of work, the timeline that it would take (1 full day), and the materials he would use. He then provided me with a very reasonable quote for the full scope of work - exactly the price I expected to pay. We arranged for a date and time for the work to be completed. Glenn arrived exactly when he said he would, completed the task exactly as planned, cleaned up the area as though he had never been there, and charged me precisely what was quoted. On time, on budget, honest, skilled tradesman, with integrity. A rare gem in a field of bad company. Thank you Glenn! Mike, North York.

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