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Mr. Guthro came recommended by a friend. Needed to strip down the old finish on my floors, and then refinish them (part clear, part stained). Here's how it went: 1) Rick never showed up to the job himself. Although he spoke continuously about his 30+ years of experience on the phone, he sent his young son and brother to do the job. Rick never even checked up on the job. He just came to collect the money at the end. 2) Dust EVERYWHERE. Had to have professional cleaners in twice after the job. 3) Some of my floors were permanently damaged. Streaks on the floor are now permanently stained into it. Stairs were also not good. Lots of collateral damage resulted that needed to be fixed afterwards (by me). Apparently he believes this is normal. 4) Rick became hostile during our interactions, and tried to make quite ridiculous excuses as to why this happened (my floor's fault, of course). 5) He tried to pad the bill with surprise charges over and above the original agreement. 6) In the end we agreed to a reduced price, I paid the bill, and I consider it done. However, I still have to look at my ruined floor every day. I would have rather paid full price for a good job. There's a lot more I could say about this *unpleasant* experience, but I'll leave it there. I gave a 1 rating instead of zero because at least some of the work was ok. I do not recommend him.

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We have just been notified of this review. Let me provide our side of the story.

At first Adam came in to do the refinishing work. He has over 10 years experience in sanding and refinishing floors. Adam explained to the client that there WILL be dust automatically since we are refinishing stairs. We use another hand machine with orbital sanders. Unfortunately, you are unable to catch all of the dust from those machines. He also explained to the client that there will be some paint touch ups on the stairs since we have to get close to the risers to refinish them properly. Also, we touched about the spindles going into the stairs (since they were not removed, it would have to be done by hand) that there may be some imperfections in that case.

The client was understanding at the beginning of the job, and accepted.

As we were refinishing the downstairs floors (parquet), to be stained, we noticed that there was some bouncing from the subfloor underneath. We tried to remedy the situation, and completed the floor anyways knowing the client may not be happy. Rick was informed and he inspected the job before completion.

We then took all of our sanding equipment to a professional sanding mechanic, to get everything inspected and found that everything was in proper working order. We have the receipts to prove this, and explained that to the customer.

We tried to rectify the situation by explaining all of this to the client, and he didn't want anything to do with it. He did not even listen to our arguments. We offered to refinish the downstairs floor again and he refused. He didn't even want to pay us for the labour time required to refinish that section of the floor. We also had to get a painter in to rectify the touchups on the stairs which we already notified the client that was going to happen, in order to get some of the payment owed to us

We have many satisfied customers willing to refer us to their friends and family. Unfortunately, this is a client which you just simply cannot satisfy. If you need further references, please feel free to ask, we’re more than willing to provide many happy customers.


I came across Charles on Kijiji. I called him and 3 other highly-rated electricians that I found on Better Business Bureau and Homestars. I had aluminum wiring in my house (from the 70's), and wanted to rewire the entire house into copper. Quotes ranged from $7,000 to $26,000 (including tax)! (Beware... the highest quotes came from 2 companies on Homestars that have lots of high ratings. I guess they have too much business, so they overcharge. I think the $26,000 company was out to lunch... and he wanted me to pay for it. lol). Prior to choosing an electrician, I asked a lot of questions to get an understanding of what would be included, what would cost extra, how much damage there would be to the walls, how long it would take, etc. I asked for references and actually called the references. After all, this was a really big job, and I needed to be sure the company I hired was the right one. In short, I did A LOT of research before choosing. Charles was professional from the first time we met, and it was the same until the day he finished. He and another master electrician (not apprentice... master electrician) did a FANTASTIC job. Not only did I get 2 master electricians for the price of one, but they were both very careful, respectful of my house, finished the job on time, finished the job for exactly what was quoted, and I am very, very happy with how little damage there is to the walls. In fact, I can't believe it. Two other electricians were telling me how they would have to rip this part of the wall, or destroy that part of the wall, but not Charles. He and his partner made every effort to ensure the holes were clean, minimal, and only where absolutely necessary. Even the electrical inspector commented on how amazed he was. Charles obviously takes great pride in his work. Charles was even kind enough to accommodate a few "on the fly" changes I requested. When it looked like the job would run a little longer than he anticipated, he brought in a 3rd electrician to help speed the job up (at no extra cost to me). So, the job was done on time, on budget (for a very, very reasonable cost... in fact he probably under-charged me), with perfect quality, and according to my exact specifications. Everything was done exactly to code (the inspector came and spent a lot of time checking everything), with ZERO defects. I wish all companies were this professional. Not only would I recommend Charles without hesitation for any job big or small, I have already recommended him to my real estate agent, co-workers, and friends. I can't say enough good things about Charles and the job he did. It's rare to find someone like this these days. I'm a very happy customer.

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Thank you Karim! I am really happy you are satisfied with my work.
It was indeed a bit challenging but I knew exactly what was involved before the work started. Like you said, I take a lot of pride in my work and it is always very rewarding when my customers tell me they are satisfied and would not hesitate to tell their friends, family and neighbours about C. Leclair Electric. I really appreciated working for you and Julia, you guys were so nice and patient during the whole week. Thank you kindly!