On May 25, 2015 they sent a very inexperienced tech to repair and re-route our sprinkler system and after spending hours with this tech and paying $325, we accomplished nothing. On July 25, 2015 they sent another tech who was more experienced and ultimately he was able to accomplish what was supposed to be done at the first time and the second bill was $343.72. Naiad refused to take any responsibility or accountably for the first bill or take off charges from the first bill which we paid for nothing.

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Company Response

Good Day B. Sen,
Thanks you for your honest feedback. Every year we do hire a lot of summer students to fill the role as service techs and because of that we do get them for 3-4 years, but then ultimately they do move onto bigger and better things. So, we do have to replace about 10% of our service crew every year. The new crew members are sent off for one week with an experienced service tech, so that they can learn what is required to service an irrigation system. All that being said, some calls cannot be done by everyone. Our standard policy is to get some boots on the ground first to see what the issue is and 95% of the time our newest tech can figure it out. In the event that they cannot, the service tech can call our service manager and from there we do assess the situation to see if it is a more advanced call. If it is, which it was in your case, we do send out our most experienced tech to take care of it.
We would love to keep the brightest and best service techs on staff, but the reality is that after a few years, they are done school and getting a job in their field.
We do not bill differently for experience, we do have one flat rate for our service techs. So our clients do pay the same for every one of our service techs.
All this being said, Can you please call me, so we can chat more about your experience? My name is Myles Sidorak and I can be reached at 403-618-3767.

Thanks B. Sen


Initially I had some issues. When I brought my concern to the attention of the higher management, I received a phone call from the president of Culligan, Canada who was very understanding and pleasant to talk to. He personally apologized and took immediate action to address and resolve the issue. Thank you.

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