I hired CanSeal on December 14, 2015 for snow removal of my 1 car driveway for the 2015/2016 season. I have paid in full $254.25 including taxes via email money transfer. On two occasions, Dec. 29 and Feb. 16 Ottawa experience significant snowfall and snow removal was not made in accordance with the contract that I signed with CanSeal. CanSeal has not made any attempts to clear my driveway in the 24 hours following significant snowfall, thus stranding me. The agreement that I signed indicated that CanSeal will provide snow removal services in any 24 hours exceeds 5cm. In addition to a first visit the snow removal equipment would return again following the City of Ottawa's street snow removal. I have not been visited once, and despite a call to John Bennett twice on both snow fall occasions was guaranteed that the driver had in fact been by. On both occasions I stayed at home and monitored snow removal, which was not performed despite the driver claiming that it had. CanSeal's voicemail message system has always been full and does not allow messages to be left. I am not the only customer to complain about this service, their Facebook page is full of complaints. Appleseed snow removal was on site for neighbours at 6pm the day of the storm. For the additional service cost, I would recommend their company over CanSeal.

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