We purchased these pieces May 15, 2012. Paid $200 for a five year warranty. About August of last year 2015 one of the cables in the Love Seat broke. Spoke with Cindy. She advised us to bring in the broken cable. I removed the cable, brought it to Go Furniture. Cindy accepted it and told me that she would order the cable and it should be here in one week. I called Cindy several times, after the week was up, but she never returned the calls. Finally, I went to Go Furniture and they reordered the cable. After many phone calls I was advised that the cable was in. I went to pick it up and tried to replace the cable but the housing was the wrong size. I phoned to speak with Cindy again and was told that she no longer worked there as she had left to have baby; and I should speak with "Service". Service is very difficult to contact, it appears that they only work a limited period of time. Finally, just before Christmas, 2015 I called and was able to get in touch with service; and the gentleman told me that he would call me back. He did not. I again called several times and was finally told that that service person no longer worked there. I spoke with a gentleman named Tad. He told me that I should not have to run back and forth with this $10 cable, that he would come out and repair the Recliner. He never appeared or returned my phone calls after this one conversation. We called again (twice); and were told that somebody would be calling us. On February 4, 2016, I called yet again and the person that answered told me that Tad was busy and would call me back. He did not. Today, February 5, when I was on my way to the store, Tad called me and told me that I gave him the wrong phone number. I told him that I would be at the store in a few minutes. He knew right away who I was when I arrived at the store as he said"Hi, Joe". He was speaking to a customer, so I waited. As the customer was leaving I gave him my business card. Tad wanted to know why I had given the customer my business card. Told him that it was none of his business. He was angry and told me to take my broken cord and leave the store. So I did. The service at Go Furniture is terrible, the people I have dealt with are extremely rude...after they take your money; and they do not honour their Warranty.

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